Rabu, 04 Juni 2008

What have I learned about Indonesia in 1 year?

In Indonesia...

  • You eat fried rice for breakfast.
  • Indonesian food can be very spicy!
  • You can hire someone to carpool during rush hour, since it's their profession. Carpool rules: 3 in 1, not 2.
  • Music is big here.
  • Bribing a cop when you get pulled over is much more efficient.
  • Pirated DVDs are dirt cheap, like $0.70 a piece.
  • Going to the movies costs around $2-$5.
  • At the theaters, sweet popcorn is more popular than buttered one.
  • A mosque will be your 5 am alarm clock. About 5 times a day( 5 am, noon, mid-afternoon, before sunset, and after sunset), you'll hear a deafening prayer from a mosque near by, and there seems to be one at every corner.
  • People eating off your plate is considered loving.
  • Each ride you take whether by car, taxi, or motorbike (Ojek), can either tricker a heart attack or an adrenaline rush depending on the condition of your health.
  • Getting Dengue Fever is a fact of life.
  • You are your own crossing guard when you cross a street.
  • The yellow stuff in Soto, the famous Indonesian soup, is called cumin.
  • Indonesia is about the size of the US, if you combine the land from all the islands.
  • Earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and tsunamis are not common occurrences. As a matter of fact, Indonesians have a more relaxed attitude about these things than you'd think.
  • Wearing batik, or traditional Indonesian design, is in nowadays.
  • I look like a native Indonesian.
  • And that being here will definitely teach you patience like no others and that life is not all about material things.

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